With our cosy and entertaining shuttle service, enjoy the captivating voyage from Fes to Rabat. Discover famous sites, seize priceless moments, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you travel.

9 to 10 HOURS
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    Pick up offers any time from 9:30 Am to 15:00PM
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Fes to rabat day trip

On this Fes to Rabat excursion depart in a cosy, air-conditioned car from the hotel or riad. We will pause along the route to soak in the beauty, the clean air, and lifetime shots. Visit the Hassan Tower together when we reach Rabat. It's located on the top of the hill with a view of Wadi Bou-Regreg. Rabat's stunning and iconic mosque, Hassan Tower, is well-known for its incomplete minaret, which serves as a stork's nest. Next, we'll go to the quaint Mohammed V mausoleum, which has a marble and wrought iron entrance, stained glass decorations, and a staircase that leads to a magnificent dome
Take a moment to unwind and eat lunch at a traditional restaurant. On this Fez to rabat excursion start the second portion of the journey, which takes you to the following locations,  Bouregreg River, make a stop to see the UNESCO-listed Udayas Kasbah, which was constructed between 1121 and 1269 as part of the Almohad dynasty to defend the city and is encircled by ramparts that date back to that time. After paying another visit to Bab Oudaïa, a colossal gate that serves as a prime illustration of Almohad military architecture, observe Oudaïa-Musée, Moulay Ismaïl's castle that showcases collections of Moroccan traditional art. After that, unwind in the Andalusian garden designed in the Moorish manner.
A stroll around the "chellah" ruins, which honour the once-dominant Roman port, is a must-do activity while exploring Rabat. The last location is the brand-new town featuring broad boulevards, open green areas, residential building avenues, a railway, the Bank of Morocco, the Post Office Museum and Saint-Pierre Cathedral. This Fez to Rabat excursion culminates in a return to Fez from the starting location
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