Do you want to go shopping? Fez’s souks are among the most well-known souks in all Morocco, known for their vibrant tanneries and traditional handicrafts. Take this fez shopping tour and visit the souks with a local guide who can assist you bargain for the best deals and offer insight into the native way of life. See family-run stores, get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative workshops, interact with local artists, and stop by stores and bazaars to purchase carpets, pottery, leather goods, artwork, and exotic spices.

5 to 6 HOURS
  • Departure

    Pick up offers any time from 9:30 Am to 15:00PM
  • Return Time

    dropoff included

Fes Full Day Guided Tour

Take a private shopping tour with hotel transfers and set out on a fascinating excursion through Fez's hidden souks, where modern craftsmanship meets centuries-old traditions. Discover the best-kept secrets of the city by following your guide through a maze of little alleyways. On this fez shopping tour, head to the markets to peruse an array of handcrafted goods, ranging from stunning jewellery and leather goods to intricate textiles and vivid ceramics. Meet the regional craftspeople, take in their tried-and-true methods, and learn about the rich cultural legacy included into each creation. As you stroll through busy bazaars filled to the brim with exotic delicacies, spices, and herbs, let yourself be carried away by the aromas and colours of the local marketplaces. Enjoy the fragrances and tastes of the region while your guide gives you tips on Moroccan cooking. On this fez shopping tour explore the colourful tapestry of hidden gems in Fez and find one-of-a-kind souvenirs with the assistance of your guide. On this fez shopping tour enjoy a gastronomic experience of Moroccan culture whether you're an experienced shopper or just searching for a taste of Moroccan culture.
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